Have you ever noticed in your search that the same book, by the same dealer, is listed with two prices? From two different sites?  Want to avoid this? 

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After more than 25 years of buying, selling, collecting and trading books of all kinds it is now time for me to purge some of the old stock.
I have accumulated over 10k books in the years I have been collecting.  Many of them have been databased (6k) but I have several thousand more to go through.  Basically, like everyone else in the world, I have no more room.  The only way to address it is to get rid of those that I really no longer need.
Brainstorming.... think... think....
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Check out my Etsy page.  You should find some very interesting things as I go through some boxes in the Purge project listed above.  Some of these boxes haven't been opened for close to 15 years.  Hummm, interesting

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